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    The Packaging Economy Just Waiting to be Created

    Interview with: Bea Johnson, Author, Zero Waste Home

    How Coca-Cola Designs Strategically

    Interview with: Tom Domen, Long Term Innovation Manager, Ecover

    Giving Waste a Value: How Ecover Makes Packaging Out of Ocean Waste

    Interview with: Tom Domen, Long Term Innovation Manager, Ecover

    Winning Consumers through Better Packaging


    Interview with: Dr Martin Zethoff, Director Global Packaging Technology Laundry & Home Care, Henkel

    Creating Distinct Product Packaging


    Interview with: Erwin Dito, Innovation & Packaging Director Western Europe, Anheuser Busch InBev

    Thinking Outside the Box - The Next Decade of Packaging

    Interview with: Dr Joseph Hotchkiss, Director, School of Packaging & Director, Center for Packaging Innovation and Sustainability, Michigan State University

    Packaging Accessibility for an Aging Population 


    Interview with: Dr Alaster Yoxall, Engineering Design Principal Research Fellow Art & Design Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University